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Work Session 2 Review

Background Last year, in response to direction from Oregon’s Governor and requests from local project stakeholders, the Oregon Transportation Commission directed the Oregon Department of Transportation to retain a consultant team of local and national urban design, engineering, and environmental experts to conduct an independent assessment of the highway cover designs included in the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project. The concerns and requests from Metro, Multnomah County, City of Portland, Portland Public Schools and Albina Vision Trust shaped the creation of the independent cover assessment process. Summary The Independent Cover Assessment team’s charge is to create two to three alternate…

Work Session 1 Review

Background In Work Session 1 the Independent Cover Assessment team sought to understand the Black Historic Albina community’s vision about how highway covers could be used to support neighborhood revitalization and provide restorative justice for this area of the Central City. The Work Session 1 Online Open House and Workshops helped the ICA team identify the uses, spaces and character that are most important to Black Historic Albina community members and broader community stakeholders to provide in this area. Setting the table for the restoration of a neighborhood on and around the highway covers can provide restorative justice by facilitating…

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Photo by Intisar Abioto Resources & Documents Popular Resources Work Session 1 Summary Work Session 1 | Open House 1 Map of the general project area, API I-5 I84 to I405 Design Concept Report Broadway Weidler Corridor Plan – 1996 I5RQ Traffic-Technical-Report Lloyd District Devleopment Strategy Full 2001-07-27 PedPDX Adoption Draft June 18 2019 Speeds and methods Speeds and methods Adopted NNE Quadrant Plan Cost to Complete Report Final I5RQ Values Document 102620 I5RQ EnvPeerReview Report FINAL 2020-05-31 NNE quadrant and I5 Broadway Weidler Plan Socioeconomic Considerations Standard of Practice From Prime Agreement Page 22-26 36972 Adopt N NE Quad…


Photo by Intisar Abioto Frequently Asked Questions About The Independent Cover Assessment What is the scope of the Independent Cover Assessment? The scope of the Independent Cover Assessment is to answer the following questions: How can this project serve community aspirations for the highway covers and areas immediately adjacent to the highway covers, within the area of potential impact as defined in the Environmental Assessment? What modifications to the current design and configuration of the highway covers would be needed to reflect a broader community vision for development of the project area? Are there other architectural and engineering considerations to…


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Photo by Intisar Abioto Overview In early 2020, the Oregon Transportation Commission directed the Oregon Department of Transportation to retain a consultant team that would conduct an independent assessment of the highway covers included in the Rose Quarter Improvement Project. The goal for this independent team was to understand the goals and objectives of stakeholders in the project area, generate potential highway cover scenarios, and assess the impacts and benefits of these scenarios. The formed I-5 Rose Quarter Independent Cover Assessment team, which is made up of community engagement, urban design, engineering, and environmental experts, is working directly with Black…

Open House

Open House Overview The Independent Cover Assessment team will hold three Online Open Houses to empower and solicit input from the full range of community stakeholders, including community members and residents, business owners, community organizations and churches, government and at-large stakeholders who do not live or operate from within the project area, and all others. The materials provided online about the Independent Cover Assessment design development process will allow all stakeholders to stay up-to-date and provide feedback that helps develop the values and outcomes that will be included in the I-5 highway cover evaluation framework and prioritized to determine which…

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