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The Independent Cover Assessment team will hold three Online Open Houses to empower and solicit input from the full range of community stakeholders, including community members and residents, business owners, community organizations and churches, government and at-large stakeholders who do not live or operate from within the project area, and all others. The materials provided online about the Independent Cover Assessment design development process will allow all stakeholders to stay up-to-date and provide feedback that helps develop the values and outcomes that will be included in the I-5 highway cover evaluation framework and prioritized to determine which development scenarios are ultimately recommended to the Executive Steering Committee of the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project for final consideration.


Join our Online Open House #3 and share your feedback!

Our Online Open Houses will help generate feedback for the desired cover scenarios and implementation strategies needed to shape the Executive Steering Committee’s final recommendation to the Oregon Transportation Commission and also:

1. Focus on setting priorities and implementing the Executive Steering Committee’s Values and Outcomes on the highway covers.

2. Provide opportunities for members of the historically impacted Albina community to inform the development and evaluation of cover scenarios, and ensure that benefits and burdens support restorative justice goals.

3. Ensure a transparent process in the weighting of criteria and the evaluation of scenarios in the Executive Steering Committee’s recommendation to the Oregon Transportation Commission.

4. Maintain the Independent Cover Assessment team’s independence in its assessment of the Rose Quarter Improvement Project and related projects.

Process and Milestones. Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Oregon Transportation Work Session Process Chart

Online Open House

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Online Open House

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Online Open House

Work Session 3

Online Open House

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