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Independent Cover Assessment Charter

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20200204 AA Discussion Groups Report Final

RQ.EJ Interview Summary 2017.02.16

RQ Native American Discussion Groups Summary Report 051920 FINAL

04172020 Portland Partners Letter

I5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project advances based on OTC direction

I5 Rose Quarter CAC Response to Disbandment

I5RQ OTC letter Joint 03272020v2

Kate Brown Letter re I5 Rose Quarter Project Dec 2019

Metro Rose Quarter Concerns Letter 8-25-2020

Metro Rose Quarter Staff Concerns Letter 8-25-2020

ODOT AnE Highway Cover Uses Memo 25 Aug 2020

Albina District K. Gibson Divestment 1940-2000

Albina Future + Vision Diagram 01

Albina Open Space Framework Diagram 02

APIs 4f Historic I5 traffic HC Detail

AVT Green Loop Soul District concept maps

AVT Waterfront Vision 2020 from website

Blanchard BESC Map large page 6

Central Portland Plan

FINAL SWEDS Strategy DRAFT 2019 03 18 FOR SPOC

Historical Changes I5RQ interchange

NNE Investment Plan Study Area

Anti-racism resources for white people

Black Lives Matter 1000 Friends of OR

API Social Cultural

I5RQ Socioeconomics Technical Report 010819 Appendix A

I5RQ Socioeconomics Technical Report 010819 Appendix B

Albina Community Assets 090120

ESG Tax Incentives

REPOST Fixed Exec Summary 20190215 I5RQ Draft EA SCREEN 508

TOAS Main Report

Traffic Ops Analysis Summary

North of broadway blanchard site development study 2010

Albina Vision RFP 11-25-19


Transportation Funding Measure Tier 1 Investments Albina

I5 RQ Design Roll Plot Revised 09112020

Local Streets Roll Plot Revised 09112020

Clackamas Bridge

LID Study.ppt Compatibility Mode

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Social Equity Policy

Restorative Justice Policy

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